Following are a few tips to help make this shoot a memorable and comfortable experience.

Please have your pet groomed and photo ready before I arrive for the shoot.

If your pet has any likes or dislikes please let me know. Examples are: My cat doesn't like to be touched on the stomach or my dog attacks anything yellow. You get the picture-actually I get the picture, so please make me aware of any dislikes before we start the shoot.

If there is anything that you feel uncomfortable about or feel your pet will be uncomfortable doing to capture a photograph, please tell me. I can always come up with another fabulous photograph.  Nobody knows your pet better than you and I want this to be a great experience for you and your pet.

Once I have completed the shoot, I work in my office editing, enhancing and retouching the photo(s). I reserve the right to make alterations to the photos before submitting them to you digitally for your final print  and or package selection(s).

Last but not least, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be a small part of your life and for choosing me to create lasting memories of your pet for you.