Why do I need a portrait of my pet?

Great question!

For those of you that own pets, we know that our pets become a integral part of our family. If we stop and think about it, we need them as much as they need us. I know some of you are saying, this gal is off her rocker. Give me just a moment to share my rationale (for this Blog, I'm going to use a dog as the example.)

Our dogs rely upon us to get up each day, feed and walk them

We rely upon them to be our alarm clock in the morning and to make sure we get some much needed exercise before we head off to work or whatever occupies our day.

Our dogs rely upon us to care for them, provide them shelter from the heat, water and hopefully only regular veterinary care.

We rely upon our dogs to provide us with unconditional love every day. I swear they sometimes listen better than our spouse (did you hear that honey?)

So you see, our pets are a very important part of our lives, every single day. For a dog, life can be very simple, We love them and they love us.

So the reason you want a professional portrait of your pet is simple. Your pet brings you joy today and the portrait you will have from Pets n Their People Photography will be treasured for your lifetime. We never know what the future holds so preserve your furry friends memory forever in a portrait by booking your session today.