Hello 2014 from Pets n Their People

Hard to believe that January has come and gone. If you have followed my web site blog you will see that January was a very busy month. I have updated my website with photos from some of my favorite pet photography sessions in January. Most of the additions are Dogs and Puppies so please check out my new photos.

I feel blessed to have this opportunity in life to create this business and do what I am passionate about. How many people get to do what they love? I do, and I hope those of you that read this are doing what you love or at least moving in that direction.

In January, my favorite pet photograph referred to on my web site as "Shot of the Month" was two black cats. This photograph was taken from an artistic angle of two beautiful black cats sleeping peacefully on a rocking cool pet pillow.

This month I photographed dogs from Palm Springs, Palm Desert and La Quinta. I am hoping that I am hired in February to photograph some cats as I need a little more color in this part of my website. Did you happen to notice that every cat in that section is black or has black in their fur???

 I am hoping and would love to be hired to photograph some beautiful horses. If you know of any horse owners in the Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta areas  that may be in the market for a photographer please refer me.

Get your pets gussied up and give me a call, I will make your pet feel and look like a rock star in my photographs!

Sandy Swett